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Did you know?

Anaximandre was the name of a Greek philosopher (620 BC – 546 BC), a disciple of Thales of Milet, inventor of the sun dial and a theory on the origin of the world or cosmogony, strangely similar to the big bang theory … from an original principle called apeiron
Anaximandre, the philosopher is regarded today as the father of scientific thought

Anaximandre communication web

Anaximandre philosopher holding a sun dial
Roman mosaic II century

Anaximandre spirit


In the heart of innovative Brittany, Anaximandre combines expertise and authenticity to offer the best in digital publishing



Anaximandre supports and advises its customers in implementing their communication campaigns and produces all communication supports to enhance their notoriety, visibility and sales.



→ Innovation
→ Human relations/authenticity/loyalty
→ Brittany (culture and spirit of community)