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Manage an association

With e-izili you can :

Manage the members of the association
Manage membership and subscription payments online
Publish directories of individual profiles
Manage several different connection profiles (members, office, board, etc.)
Manage access to various sections of an information system according to profile
Send a newsletter to a specific profile
Draw up lists of members from profiles (mailing lists)
Generate automatic access codes
Management online payment of events

e-izili - Manage an association

Do you need to manage an association online while using the association’s website managed by Ker-e-liamm?
Anaximandre has designed modular association management software: e-izili is your management system for associations

How does it work?




Online registration / Personal account management / Profile allocation / Access to members’ area and services (meetings, events)



Membership management / Payment of subscriptions online / Issuing of invoices or receipts




Member management by profile / Directory management / Management of mailing lists / Cashflow management / Event management


With e-izili you can manage online payment of subscriptions and events organised by the association (AGM, seminars, etc.)