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Digital Communication & Web

Our added value


Anaximandre can manage your entire tradeshowor exhibition project

  • Authoring of specifications - Planning
  • Recovery and/or creation of visual elements
  • Production of pre-production 3D view
  • Production of graphic and multimedia elements
  • Assembly of elements
  • Print monitoring (tarpaulin, fabric, screen prints, etc.)
  • Delivery and installation on time
  • Quality control

Kakemonos - Stands - Exhibitions

Anaximandre can deal all you tradeshow and exhibition needs

Anaximandre designs, monitors production and installs exhibitionsand exhibition elements .

  • Explanatory panels
  • Functional equipment (machine, etc.)
  • Animations or interactive terminals
  • Connected mobile applications at the exhibition
  • Video montages
  • Light totems
  • Separations
  • Flags and other pendant type totems
  • ...

For your shows, Anaximandre can produce your stand to order or from existing models (pop-up). We offer the simplest kakemonos or advertising totems.

For greater visibility and attraction of visitors, Anaximandre can decorate your stand with :

  • Helium-filled balloons
  • Terminals or counters
  • Screens, with sound and/or multimedia
  • Furniture and decor
  • Plants
  • Presentation stands
  • ...


Cogedis Stand


Totem L'Oreal Totem Mitologics Totem Klast