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Digital Communication & Web

Ker-e-liamm CMS

Do you want a dynamic, updateable and custom website, and manage the content updates yourself?
Anaximandre has designed modular content management software: Ker-e-liamm is your website content management system .

How does it work?




Site arborescence / Language versions / Private versions



Articles / Agendas / Forms / Gallleries / Documents / Newsletters



Management of arborescence and content / User management / Profile management


With Ker-e-liamm you can manage several websites with just one tool.

Content Management

With Ker-e-liamm you can:

Use unique, personalised graphics
Publish articles with photos and video
Manage language version
Manage versions per business line
Integrate PDF, Word®, Excel® files, etc.
Create animated Jquery galleries (catalogues or albums...)
Manage calendars
Install a search engine
Geolocate your business or site
Send newsletters

Optional :

  • Online boutique with secure payment
  • Flash® animations and video
  • News management and monitoring
  • Document management (EDM)
  • Availability management (seasonal rentals, etc.)
  • Authoring and editorial advice
  • Photo reports
  • Graphic charter applied across other communication supports (headed paper, brochures, business cards, etc.)

Using the same technologies we can develop your website using :